alg-3brands-logoWhile the dream of Mugshots Grill & Bar came from our hiatus on the beaches of Hawaii after college, our company’s name, culture, and core values came from “working the dream” for a few years. Some people say they are, “living the dream.” but we like to say we are, “working the dream.” In the early years, we found ourselves with a great group of guys “Working Hard” each day in the restaurant. Cooking, bartending, waiting tables and doing whatever it took to get through each shift – we did it.

Were there problems? Of course! Problems arose all the time, but the problems were faced and solved with a “Positive Attitude.” Was it easy? Absolutely not! But we kept our “Vision” of being the best burger restaurant in town, and the “Dream” of growing our company, together as a family, to every college town in the SEC, on our minds. We talked about our “Culture” often. The customers came into our old run down bar in Hattiesburg in droves back in those days we were not even really sure why, but we were truly “Grateful.” Grateful for our customers that helped us pay the bills, the employees for working their butts off for us, and so very grateful to be doing it with each other. We were just a group of guys, not really sure about what we were doing, but we knew we were going to be “Havin’ a Good Time” doing it.

As time quickly passed, and the Mugshots brand continued to grow, we never lost sight of what got us to where we were. “Havin’ a Good Time” soon became our culture that brought a set of core values, all learned from “working the dream”. We have seen our “dream” grow to 3 restaurant concepts, a nonprofit organization, and a group purchasing company. A few years back we came together to name our holding company. We couldn’t have found a more fitting name – Ain’t Life Grand Investments (sometimes, we call her “ALG” for short).

Chris McDonald

Christopher Banchero

Will Taylor

John McCarter

  • President of Operations, Tophers Rock N Roll Grill, Ain't Life Grand Investments
  • 1950 N. Hwy 190, Covington, LA 70433

Adam Briscoe

Sean McCarty

Sam McAlister

Parker Berryhill

Chris Payne