Continued Give Back For Flood Victims

You can help the flood victims in 3 ways:

1) Donating goods.

We are still accepting donations. We suggest cleaning supplies, toiletries, water, gatorade powerade etc, tools and house gutting supplies. Bread, Cold Cuts, Cheese, Chips, individually wrapped snacks, Mayo, Mustard gallons, Cutlery kits, napkins, paper bags #8, Towels, blankets, and pillows. Dog and cat food. Baby formula and diapers. Any Non perishable food.


Here is the deal on clothes – most places have been inundated with clothes and stopped taking them. Mainly because people can’t take clothes yet, they’re just getting to gut their house and they have no place to put them. If you want to give clothes we are accepting them and holding them in storage. We know in a few weeks, once everyone is back in their house that clothes will be a necessity and everyone with being taking them again.


Donatation drop off – Perishable and Non-Pershible Food, Clothes and anything above:


Ain’t Life Grand: Home Office

1950 N. Hwy. 190

Covington, LA 70433

Monday – Friday


Non Perishable Food, Clothes and anything above expect for perishable items.


Glory Bound Gyro Co.

500 River Highlands Blvd.

Covington, LA 70433

Monday – Friday


If you have perishable items we can take them at Glory Bound. Just talk to the manager and we will put in the cooler.

2) Sponsor a lunch:

We have had many people/businesses ask if they can help feed folks. Our goal is to deliver bagged lunches every Monday and Friday for the next month.
Here are the details to sponsor a feeding day:
  • Pick a day for your business or group of friends to “Sponsor”
  • It costs $800 to feed 2000 people. We know that $.40 a person sounds cheap but we have partnered with Randazzos and we are making them take some money (they have donated over 4000 buns, 2000 cookies, 10 king cakes, 500 cheese danish). They want to keep donating but we can’t let them. We are also getting different small donations from mayo to chips here and there. Non Profit Making Life Grand has also received some cash and check donations and it was to put toward earlier food runs. God always just seems to provide.
  • You can split that anyway you want.
  • We have 2 business going Monday at $400 a piece
  • Get a few friends and put up what you can.
  • Our Non-Profit will always kick in the rest so that we bring the 2000 lunches the next 4 weeks on Monday and Friday.
We will provide the kitchen, get all the supplies and train you to be a professional sandwich artist and bag stuffer!
  • Email with any questions or a copy of our Non-Profit paperwork for tax deductions.
Feel free to sponsor a day and then come help make the bag lunches

3) Come help make sandwich bags:

We will be meeting from 7am-9:30am the next 4 weeks on Monday / Friday at ALG headquarters. We will deliver the bag lunches. You are more than welcome to come deliver with us.

Here are the dates available to sponsor or come donate your time:

Monday August 29th: The Venue Church and The Studio Salon of Hattiesburg
Friday September 2nd: The Pierce Family, Pierce Realty of Hattiesburg
Monday September 5th:
Friday September 9th:
Monday September 12th:
Friday September 16th: Kim Hill and family
Monday September 19th:
Friday September 23rd: