Letter From Our Founder

The Grand TimesGrand Family,

Hope all is well and you are having a great summer!

We are excited to announce that we launched “The Grand Times” newsletter today.

We are going to send out small “Shout Outs” each week and one longer “Newsletter” in the beginning of each month. This is some great information for you to share at your “chef tells” with your employees.

It is our vision that this platform will help bring the three brands together and will also let our fans know about all the hard work and good deeds you are all doing in your local communities. Please post an “all staff message” through HotSchedules to your entire staff when we email it out to you as well.

Also feel free to post up by the employee board. Encourage your staff to “Like” it on Facebook and to engage us on social media. The further we can get this news out each month the quicker our customers will turn into brand loyal fans.

We are going to be reaching out for some employee spotlights in your stores. Also, if you have any good news that I can use for the newsletter about your store or employees please email me and I will get it in the next newsletter or “shout out.” As always, I would love some feedback into making “The Grand Times” as best as it cane be. You can email me directly.

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to keeping this “Grand Bus” rolling!

Love God. Love People. Go Change the World.

Here is the link: Click Here